Baking or alike with lindor chocolate!

bubbles46, Dec 6, 9:43pm
I've just been given a heap (like 200 at least) of these besides eating themstraight has anyone got any creative ways to use them up in baking or alike! Many thanks

lilyfield, Dec 6, 9:46pm
Oh my God you lucky devil

They are far too precious to use in baking. Make someone happy at Christmas timeor freeze for future gifts. But they will keep anyway for ages stored cool. Or you can raffle them at work

Or you can send some my way-

bubbles46, Dec 6, 9:53pm
lol trust me I"ve been giving them away.Didn't think of freezing them thanks. They got slightly damaged/meltedwhen a courier driver leftthem all out in the sun but i've chilled overnight and they all good now. **Throws handfulls of chocolate around room.**

koru67, Dec 6, 9:59pm
are they still in good condition shape wise!, make a lolly xmas tree with some of them

bubbles46, Dec 6, 11:20pm
Yup still in nice round shape, oh a lolly tree sounds yum!

shop-a-holic, Dec 6, 11:40pm
I'd make a Wreath with them. Hang up and display until you can't resist. Lucky you!
Retail; they're worth around $1 each!

winnie231, Dec 7, 12:19am
Make chocolate muffins or cupcakes & put one of these in the centre of each before baking.

bubbles46, Dec 7, 1:38am
Awesome idea's ladies thanks so much!

skydancing, Dec 7, 6:12am
Hey did you win the Lindt competition!If so well done! If not still well done and they are sooooooooo delicious!

bubbles46, Dec 7, 6:42pm
No i didn't win the competition, but yay to who did. I'm just very lucky :). Yes to delicious, I've still got two big 7 ltr containers lefteven though I've been giving them away left right and centre lol. Will defintely be doing some of the idea's here!

prawn_whiskas, Dec 14, 8:16pm

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