Coffee icecream

tokokkk, Nov 30, 9:25am
Is this available in nz, I have searched every supermarket in my travels and no luck. Does anyone know where I could get any. I need it for a recipe. TIA.

deus701, Nov 30, 9:29am
you can get some plain ice cream and stir in some tia maria/kahlua or instant diluted coffee

lilyfield, Nov 30, 9:30am
just use vanilla and add strong dissolved instant coffee to it

tokokkk, Nov 30, 9:33am
I need a litre of it so how much coffee would you think id need, have you tried it before. Im wanting to make Nigellas gutbuster pie.

shop-a-holic, Nov 30, 10:28am
It was the girdle buster - not Gut Buster.
Try googling the right name :-)

willyow, Nov 30, 6:09pm
Make your own - this is a vanilla bean ice cream we make - take out the vanilla bean and add ashot ofdouble/triplestrength expresso or a tablespoon of instant coffee powder.
Make a simple custard-based vanilla bean ice cream - you'll never want to eat any other type of icecream ever again - great for Xmas too.
130g sugar
30g glucose
200 ml cream
650 ml blue top milk
5 egg yokes.

Beat the egg yokes into the sugar.
Split the vanilla bean and scrape out the seeds and add the seeds and the shell to the egg yokes, sugar, glucose, cream and milk and stir constantly over a medium heat until you have a custard. Remove from heat and allow to cook - cover with plastic and leave in the fridge overnight. This is called 'aging' and is the key to good icecream making.

Put through a sieve to removed any lumps and vanilla bean shell bits, and put through your ice cream machine ( or place in the freezer and beat every hour).

The glucose is the secret to its success. It softens the ice cream at freezing point and stops it coming out of the freezer like concrete. Glucose is available in supermarkets under the Healtheries brand or at jhealth food stores ( Heatheries arenow withdrawing the product due tolow demand - but health food stores often have other brands )

You can also add a pinch of salt to the custard while making it to improve flavour - optional as a lot of people want to keep their salt intake down.

lilyfield, Nov 30, 6:21pm
3 tbsp good instant coffee

susieq9, Dec 1, 1:37am
How about crunching up some chocolate covered coffee beans and adding that to the vanilla ice cream, just stir through.Just a thought.

wildflower, Dec 1, 2:21am
Oooh, that sounds good!

susieq9, Dec 4, 7:14pm
Wondering if you found any coffee ice cream or made it.

guest, Jan 12, 5:30am
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