Cookies in a jar

roseann48, Nov 21, 7:45pm
Has anyoneput cookies in a jar ingredients into plastic snaplock bags.Which is your most successful recipe. As these will be xmas gifts I would love to hear of some tried & true recipes

a_n_h, Nov 22, 6:08am
My friend swears buy the cowgirl/.coyboy cookies on

duckmoon, Nov 22, 6:13am
A friend did this for the school fair. Into a plastic snap lock, and then into a decorated brown paper bag. Theylooked great.

The down side of the plastic bag was that the layered of the jar was lost.

pheebs1, Nov 22, 9:31am
you can buy bundles of different sized cellophane bags from the $2 shops
they look much nicer than ziplocks and you get quite a lot
tie with ribbon
would be good for fudge also

roseann48, Nov 23, 4:51am
Thanx for your replies. The cowgirl cookies look yum - I will definitely be using them. I wondered about the plastic bags not retaining the layered look, the cellophane bags may be the best idea.

duckmoon, Nov 23, 6:38am
I think that cellophane bags will have the same problem of loosing the layers.

roseann48, Nov 23, 6:51am
Ummm they may do to.

fifie, Nov 23, 7:50am
I tried the cowgirl look today in a cellophane bag, as i have a heap of them and it was looking pretty impressive, till i put in a layer of white sugar and Pfffft it spilled downall the edges a bit lol so will have another go in a jar this time and pack it tight, hope it works as its real pretty looking thanks for sharing the cookiesite.

muzzaandmich, Nov 23, 8:17am
who stole the cookies from the cookie jar!

roseann48, Nov 24, 12:13am
Yea who did !

muzzaandmich, Nov 24, 3:44am
number1 stole the cookiefrom the cookie jar .

roseann48, Nov 24, 6:31am
naughty girl haha

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