Cheap Cocoa Powder.

choklate, Nov 18, 8:58am
Where can I get the cheapest cocoa powder!I'd even buy it in bulk seeing as I go through so much of it.

bunny51, Nov 18, 9:04am
Home brand has some for about $4 or $5 a box. not sure how big th e box is htough.

dezzie, Nov 18, 9:14am
Homebrand is the nicest of the cheap ones as well.

nfh1, Nov 18, 9:14am
Would Bin Inn have it!

choklate, Nov 18, 9:15am
I know it's about 375g for 5 bux, I really like the Sunvalley (400g) packets that they sell at paknsave for 6 bux.I was wondering if anyone new of how to buy it in bulk and save.

kob, Nov 18, 6:36pm
try toops , gilmours or bakels theats where supermarket bakeries get theirs from

sarahb5, Nov 18, 11:03pm
According to my cocoa thread yesterday, Pams or Homebrand are the best and most chocolatey anyway and a lot cheaper than the Sun Valley one and Bournville which is now cr*p

choklate, Nov 19, 10:10am
Bakels do cocoa!

ferita, Nov 19, 7:39pm
Cocoa is running out and paying less for it normally means its not produced ethically

kob, Nov 19, 9:14pm
not 100 % sure but they are the three places that supermarket bakeries buy their supplies from, I know gilmours and toops do

cutezie, Nov 20, 2:19am
Bestest cocoa is the Dutch cocoa

pickles7, Nov 20, 9:08am
scary. lol

pheebs1, Nov 20, 9:11am
pams is cheapest but since i have bought it in the box its quite lumpy sunvalley doesnt get lumpy and comes in decent size

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