Lambs fry and bacon recipe please

tishan, Nov 17, 1:33am
i do remeber this when i was a child but am not sure how to make it

my_savannah, Nov 17, 1:52am
I always cut the lambs fry up quite small ( about 3-4cm strips) coat them in flour and fry with bacon and onions then I add a can of tomatoes and a bit of gravy powder.Even people who do not like liver will eat it, yum!

seniorbones, Nov 17, 2:50am
same as above except I add sausages and bacon, once browned take out of pan add flour and make a gravy with beef stock, put it all back in and bake in the oven for about 30-40mins! until saussies are cooked through.yummy!

pickles7, Nov 17, 3:54am
Liver and bacon

fry onion until lightly caramelized
flour, and fry slices of Liver
fry chopped bacon
Add a can of tomatoes with the juice
season with salt and pepper, thicken with corn flour if need be.
no quantities given , I just cook it, because we just love it.

whitehead., Nov 17, 4:06am
the big thing is not to over cook the liver it needs to be pink in the middle to be nice . and it need some tomato i brown the bacon add a bit of butter or oil to the pan and quick fry the liver that has been dusted with flour at a high heat remove from pan and deglaze the pan with the tomato and some wine or water make a gravy with the scratchings off the bottom of the pan and toss the lot back in the pan to warm eat with mash spud and peas

whitehead., Nov 17, 4:07am
dont forget a little salt and a bit of soy if you like it