How to get a chocolate fix very quickly!

katienz11, Nov 4, 7:07pm
Do you guys make these!No idea what theyre called, but when I was a school kid we used to make them.Made some recently, and though very bad for you (!) they are yum.

Melt a bit of butter, throw in lots of cocoa and cook for a bit, then put in enough icing sugar and stir til it thickens and can make balls.Cooking the cocoa in the butter, and using lots of cocoa is the nicest.

accroul, Nov 4, 7:48pm
Sounds like an old Edmonds truffle recipe that I used to make 20 years ago.

buzzy110, Nov 5, 1:27am
I wouldn't be able to stop myself at just 3 ingredients. I'd have to add toasted coconut and chopped nuts, preferably pistachio, minimum.

wildflower, Nov 5, 1:54am
The heading sure got my attention ;)

elliehen, Nov 5, 3:48am
My quick chocolate fix is one square of Whittaker's Dark Ghana 72% chocolate on a tablespoon of juicy desiccated coconut.Tastes like a Bounty Bar and just one does the trick.

buzzy110, Nov 5, 4:03am
Juicy and dessicated in the same sentence to describe the same foodstuff. I'm very impressed. Is that the same as a dehydrated glass of water!

vmax2, Nov 5, 4:09am
The only chocolate I touch these days is raw cocoa (cacao powder) made into a hot drink.Heat up a cup of milk, add 1/2 tsp raw cocoa.Heaven for me now since I don't have sweet stuff.

buzzy110, Nov 5, 5:09am
But are you not being just a bit elitist! The OP gave a suggestion for making your own "quick fix" choccy snack from butter, cocoa and icing sugar, not said "first go and spend money buying a proper bar of Ghana 72% chocolate . I added to the recipe to make it even more yum imo, another poster gave her version and you look down your nose at it all.

fisher, Nov 5, 6:11am
+ 2

hezwez, Nov 5, 6:33am

bedazzledjewels, Nov 5, 6:36am
Ellie - you should contact Whittakers and suggest they make a 72% Ghana coconut - save you lots of time. Actually their Ghana is pretty good for the price.

elliehen, Nov 5, 6:41am
They now make a 72% Dark Peppermint.I've stashed some for Christmas.It's regularly on 'special' for $2.99.

katienz11, Nov 5, 10:22am
I was kinda meaning when you didnt have any chocolate already in the house, lol.But hey, anyway someone gets their chocolate fix is all good with me!

bedazzledjewels, Nov 5, 7:43pm
Ellie - the interesting thing about the Ghana peppermint is that the blocks are 72% but the mini slabs are only 50%. Intriguing!

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