Making Butter

dellie1, Nov 7, 11:00am
Anyone have a recipe for making butter.

cookessentials, Nov 7, 5:48pm
It is really easy. If you have a food processor. Basically, cream, into whizz and whizz until the curds form. the buttermilk will separate ( you can freeze this for later use) Use two butter pats ( paddles with grooves) to press the buter backwards and forwards between them, rinsing well under running water. The water needs to run clear before adding your required amount of salt to taste otherwise you can get your butter going rancid. Pat well and shape or place in a small ramekin and keep chilled.

dellie1, Nov 8, 2:20am
Many thanks to you all who gave me recipes.
Regards Delwyn

harrislucinda, Nov 8, 3:35am
yesmade2lotsyesterdaystill4ltstodoIhavea bigcakemixerandusethewirewhiskbeatuntilthickaddsalthalftsp

moggie57, Nov 8, 9:44am
exactly how i used to do it!

seaturtle, Nov 8, 6:16pm
Dont throw out the water that comes out of the butter. It makes the best ricotta cheese, heat up to 90 deg in a pot and add citric acid or juice of a lemon, and stir. Curds will form scoop them off and put into a draining pot. And its ready to use.

uli, Nov 9, 8:08am

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