When does a Ganache choc icing go off???

prawny, Mar 26, 9:01pm
Hi there, I made a Ganache choc icing last weekend and didn't use it all so I put it in the fridge. How long would this last for? I want to make a cake this weekend and use it.

crazynana, Mar 26, 9:06pm
Hi there as long as it has been in the fridge it should be ok. Just warm it in the microwave very very gently till it is spreadable

maxwell.inc, Mar 26, 9:12pm
if made with cream it goes off when the cream normally would (or if is contaminated)

margyr, Mar 26, 9:17pm
i would say not to use it, as it is cream based, would you use cream that had been in the fridge since last weekend? May well be alright but if it doubt chuck it out is the best motto.

prawny, Mar 26, 9:37pm
Thanks, I just hate to not use things, thought maybe the dark choc would preserve it a bit, but perhaps not.

margyr, Mar 26, 9:51pm
you could use it in the actual cake and then bake it.

prawny, Mar 26, 9:55pm
Now thats a thought, make a banana choc cake

maxwell.inc, Mar 26, 10:04pm
and if the cream is still off? then what?

margyr, Mar 27, 5:51am
it will be ok, i have used week old whipped cream in potato bakes and cakes, the heat will kill any bugs, and the flavour should still be ok.

waswoods, Mar 27, 8:27am
Oh just taste it! If it tastes okay, use it. That's what we do here and none of us is dead yet

prawny, Mar 27, 7:06pm
Darn, i threw it out! ! ! Had previously tasted it too and it tasted fine.

maandpa2b, Mar 27, 9:01pm
if your cream was due to expire they day you made it, I wouldn't use it a week later. Freezing is the perfect solution for next time

margyr, Dec 9, 10:11pm
and not all things that taste just fine are ok to eat.

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