Key Lime Pie

callie2000, Oct 31, 2:06am
anyone know the recipe the online says crackers ! is this like crushed biscuits like a cheesecake!

threecheers, Oct 31, 2:08am
USA recipe probably means "graham crackers".Digestive biscuits or other crushed biscuits that you use for cheesecake will be ok.

elliehen, Oct 31, 4:38am
Yes, plain digestives are the equivalent of Graham Crackers which are coarse grainy wheaten biscuits.

creeky1, Nov 1, 3:19am
i used crispies. use them for cheesecake too. like the coconut flavour

meegs35, Nov 1, 4:55am
I have just made one for my Texan step father's birthday as it is his favourite dessert. He said it was just like the it should be. I used digestive biscuits for the base as this is the closest thing we have to graham crackers. If you look on my blog there is a link to the recipe I made. The blog address is It is very yummy!

callie2000, Nov 1, 5:07am
vcant access the blog

eastie3, Nov 1, 5:51am
I can't view it either.

badams1, Nov 1, 6:21am
neither myself, recipe most appreciated

clonzy1, Nov 1, 7:07am
No www for blogspot blogs - so link should look like

hotstuff111, Nov 1, 7:21am
we just brought graham crackers home from america cause my husband is called graham the kids love

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