Black butter - what is this! mentioned on

barbra1, Oct 25, 7:32am
peta mathaias show.

nfh1, Oct 25, 7:38am

barbra1, Oct 25, 7:46am
thanks, looks like it might be. i had tried google but no luck. looks like a major mission to make and not sure how it would be used.
Interesting site about Jersey too .

nfh1, Oct 25, 7:47am
Yes, I don't think I will be making it any time soon either.

Jersey is lovely, used to go there a lot.

davidt4, Oct 25, 9:00am
I haven't seen that show, but if it was Peta Mathias' French series then it is more likely that the black butter was Beurre Noisette - butter that is heated in a pan until it turns russet-brown, a little red wine vinegar added and poured over various veges, chicken breast, fish.It's easy to make as long as you watch it carefully.

seniorbones, Oct 25, 9:08am
I nearly cry watching her show, we spent 3-1/2 weeks in a villa in UZES, its such a beautiful old french town, missed the first episode though which apparantly showed a lot of the town and the square. Would love to go back and stay the whole summer, she mentioned two markets a week and they are fantastic! actually there is 3, sat sun and weds. We didnt buy fish from the fish stall she showed because it was so damned expensive!

barbra1, Oct 25, 9:21am
davidt4 - yes, that sounds .more like it. thanks.
nfh1 and seniorbones - what great memories.

nfh1, Oct 25, 9:29am
I have recorded the show, sounds like it could be interesting.

guest, Jan 11, 11:31am
That's a smart way of loknoig at the world.

guest, Jan 13, 2:14pm
It's a plrsuaee to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

guest, Jan 14, 10:11am
This makes evnyrthieg so completely painless.

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