savory muffin recipes

birdie211, Mar 25, 8:06pm
hi all im looking for a versitile savory muffin recipe thats real yummy lol, have some people coming over for morning tea and want to make some, so thought id make a tried and true recipe, i want to put cherry tomatoes, bacon, corn, onion, cheese etc in them, any ideas be great thanks

margyr, Mar 25, 8:18pm
sound yum, i would just use the self crusting quiche recipe and put them in the muffin tins, beat 4 eggs, salt and pepper, a touch of cayene, add some grated cheese your chopped up vege a cup of flour and a couple of teaspoons baking powder bake at 180 till firm and golden.

margyr, Mar 25, 8:24pm
also if you look to your left there is a box with message board, recipes, keyword or member in this box type savoury muffin, then where it says last 24 hours go to the little arrow thing and a drop down will appear click on anytime and then click on search, heaps of recipes there.

birdie211, Mar 25, 8:32pm
alsome thanks for that, to the kitchen i go

slayer10, Dec 6, 8:04am
1. 5C Grated Cheese
100gms melted Butter
3 eggs
milk to mix
salt, pepper
Add your extras eg: pumpkin, feta, spinach
Bacon, Onion etc...

Sweet ones same recipes just remove cheese and replace with 1 cup sugar.

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