Peach and weet-bix muffins- Tasty and Healthy

basange, Oct 19, 9:43am
I tried these turned out lovely, nice and crusty on the outside and moist on the inside, excellent for lunch if you watching the healthy side

basange, Oct 19, 9:47am
We tried these and they were really good 8/10 score from me, really tender and juicy if you follow the instructions properly

wildflower, Oct 20, 2:28am
I grabbed that recipe but yet to try.Thanks for the heads up.

supercook, Oct 20, 11:19pm
Thanks great recipe, not sure I would use peach but I would use apricots.

amanda_simonp, Oct 21, 7:03am
I made these, don't know what I did but they were awful.Threw them out and wiouldn't bake again

mamameow, Oct 23, 4:37am
Tryed these and they were awful, the birds liked them.

sue1955, Oct 23, 7:48am
I also made these. The recipe said 'makes 12', but I got 18 out of the mixture. I did some in paper cases which made them very hard to remove as the muffin stuck to them. The ones I did just by greasing the pan had a nice crust around them. I didn't think they had any outstanding taste despite having brown sugar & peaches in them. Won't be making them again.

wildflower, Oct 29, 2:29am
I made these for lunch today.Turned out beautifully.I crushed up the weetbix really well with my hands and used oil added to the liquid ingredients instead of melted butter.

Lovely and soft, great texture and flavour and nice and moist.10/10.