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kinna54, Oct 19, 5:14am
Noticed it today in New World at nearly half the price as Highlander.
I only use it in baking; neenish tarts, caramel slice etc
I have bought other Pam's products with success, but recall reading others saying that some of the cheaper condensed milk brands were disappointing.
Your comments would be greatly appreciated please.

rainrain1, Oct 19, 5:24am
i avoid it like the plague, it's too runny

jessie981, Oct 19, 5:30am
Agree with rainrain. Bought once for Salad Dressing - too thin.

nzmu, Oct 19, 5:41am
agree again.

pickles7, Oct 19, 5:41am
sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of milk powder, 1 Tbsp butter, 3/4 cup of boiling water. This recipe has saved me a trip to the supermarket, a few times.

All bought sweetened condensed milk, has got runny.

kinna54, Oct 19, 8:35am
Thank you everyone, thought it just looked too good to be true, at half the price!
pickles I am definitely keen to try your recipe to make it, hadn't even given that option a thought and have milk powder sittingin the cupboard! Thank you so much!

kuaka, Oct 19, 8:42am
I use it or Homebrand all the time, and have never noticed it any runnier than Highlander.

hezwez, Oct 19, 8:54am
I've had no problem with Pam's condensed milk at all.

harrislucinda, Oct 19, 9:26am
ihavebrought thisandfindtherecipetotallydifferentthantheother,sTastedifferentalso

chatsmom, Oct 20, 7:19am
Look where all condensed milk is made - its a concern!

kuaka, Oct 20, 7:22am
Hmm, just had a look.Pams and Homebrand are made in Singapore (probably not quite as bad as mainland China, but close enough I guess), Oct 20, 7:29am
I also have no problem with it in baking. Well I do now, now that I know its made in China. I have a can of Highlander (must of been on special) and this is made in Australia

korban, Oct 20, 7:29am
I have no hassles with Pams condensed milk.I only use it for Neenish Tarts and Russian Fudge - always turns out perfect.

lodgelocum, Oct 20, 8:23am
Pams works for me too, using a tin at the moment and not at all runny.

supercook, Oct 20, 8:51am
Homebrand is thick and has easy open lid.

cary3339, Oct 20, 9:07am
always use Pams but wondered why the homemade mayonaisse is runny .Perhaps it's because of the cream I put in it !. Help please

wildflower, Oct 21, 2:46am
Is it the same ingredients!I've seen some that have all sorts in them rather than just milk and sugar etc.

carriebradshaw, Oct 21, 3:24am
Find both Pams and homebrand to runny.

bumblebee13, Oct 21, 4:39am
i used pams condensed milk and golden syrup in my caramel square and tan square and neither turned out .i wont be making that mistake again

jcdm, Oct 21, 8:46am
I used pams condensed two days ago in a slice and it was fine

amm5, Oct 21, 8:17pm
Ihave a mixture in my cupboards ( I get what was on sale)and it all works and tastes fine to me.and the cave dwellers always filtch a spoonful and they haven't noticed any difference,

susan21, Oct 22, 4:27am
I use pams condensed milk as well.Havnt ever had a problem with it, and I do a lot of baking!

greerj, Oct 22, 4:50am
Even Highlander seems runny now and a bit unreliable in fudge.I have taken to adding a couple of teaspoons of milk powder when making fudge or carameltoppings.Do you use whole milk powder Pickles or low fat!

roundtop, Oct 22, 7:44am
Stick to Highlander it is far better

kuaka, Oct 22, 9:14am
All very well if you can afford the extra price - and totally unnecessary if you can't tell the difference!

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