Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

whiskey13, Oct 9, 5:01am
Just out of the oven (too hot to sample yet lol)
Recipe from Nigella Lawson
Will supply a link when i find it.

whiskey13, Oct 9, 5:02am

Hope this works lol
Will post recipe if it doesn't.

carlos57, Oct 9, 5:57am
They sound and look yummy :) Might have to try. Thanks

whiskey13, Oct 9, 6:00am
Yum,yum,yum, chocolate overload. Usually 2 cookies are great and hit the spot but these ones have enough chocolate for me ONLY to need one.

leogal1, Oct 9, 8:13am
Thanks for the link, must try this one :)

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