Brownie baking pan with dividers

carlos57, Oct 4, 11:21pm
I'm tempted by this, but I'm not sure if the extra clean up (the dividers) would make it worthwhile. Any comments from people who've used one! TIA

amm5, Oct 4, 11:44pm
It could be good, as the cave dwellers wouldn't cut half the brownie and take it to their room, they would have to have a "cut" piece

greerg, Oct 5, 12:28am
I think the cave dwellers would get round that OK - they have superhuman powers when in comes to food consumption!

carlos57, Oct 5, 1:05am
Haha - good point. The main reason I'm attracted to it is that I'm known for cutting very unevenly sized pieces!

cookessentials, Oct 5, 1:18am
Depends on the brand in regards to easy cleanup. Chicago Metallic make these ( the original) at that price I am assuming it's a knock off!

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