Says 125grms Butter So How Much Marg !

pisces1327, Sep 26, 10:10pm
It says 125 grams butter, how much marg would I use. Thanks

prawn_whiskas, Sep 26, 10:11pm

pisces1327, Sep 26, 10:13pm
And how do I get the measurement since I dont own scales.

prawn_whiskas, Sep 26, 10:22pm
eye ball it, or use a table spoon (have you got measuring spoons!) 15g per spoon = roughly 8.5Tbls

vmax2, Sep 26, 10:32pm
Why you plastic margarine, clogs the arteries and gives you wrinkles.

lilyfield, Sep 27, 12:31am
a matter of budgeting

vmax2, Sep 27, 1:15am
I see it more as a matter of life or death.I cook in dripping also.That is a very low budget option, but not for baking.I also watch what I spend on food.I shop on the outer aisles of the supermarket - meat, fruit and veg.It is the items that come in packets and containers that are the expensive ones and have less nutrition in them.

elliehen, Sep 27, 2:46am
OOPS!This is's generally agreed that food debates belong in Health & Beauty.

Live and let live ;)

vmax2, Sep 27, 2:50am
Food goes into recipes.Our food in our recipes gives us health and if we're lucky beauty.

flower-child01, Sep 27, 2:54am
12g grams of butter or marg is 1/2 a cup. Any other conversions are at conversions

elliehen, Sep 27, 2:56am
Food does belong, pointing out the 'flaws' in the food choices of others does not :)

elliehen, Sep 27, 2:57am
Mark your pottle into 4 quarters and 1/4 will be 125gm.

buzzy110, Sep 27, 6:17am
I haven't seen that rule anywhere. Is it one you just made up. Funny how jeering and saying nasty things, all the time, at and about other posters is permitted though eh elli because you seem to indulge in it on a daily basis.

elliehen, Sep 27, 6:38am
I did say, "it's generally agreed", buzzy110, not a rule.Many posters have said that they don't like food debates in Recipes.

As for the rest of your post!It's simply very revealing about buzzy110.

margyr, Sep 27, 7:03am
when baking if I use margarine I use slightly less than the butter measurement as it is more oily than butter. instead of 125 I would have used 100.

elliehen, Sep 27, 7:29am
I use both margarine and butter in baking.butter for biscuits because of the flavour (and they seem to crisp nicely), and margarine for most cakes because it seems to give a lighter texture.

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