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davidt4, Sep 21, 4:30am
This is entertaining.I didn't realise that Nigella is renowned for errors.

dec1066, Sep 21, 4:54am
I have a Jamie Oliver cookbook and his chocolate tart recipe is a bit of a stuff up. The recipe for the base literally makes enough for 2 tarts, the recipe for the filling however, makes exactly the right amount for one.

buzzy110, Sep 21, 5:04am
I think that is the whole point. I have that recipe and if you read his intro you will see he doubles the pastry recipe so you can freeze half, either uncooked or baked blind in a tart tin, for a quick dessert.

dec1066, Sep 21, 5:07am
Oh, Ok, I didn't think of that. I just knew something was up when it wouldn't fit in the food processer.

purplegoanna, Sep 21, 5:16am
you want errors, try the edmonds cookbook (the large spiral bound one with pics) MIL gave me hers cause she thought she was loosing her knack for baking, ive since shelved it cause i tried 2 recipes and they both turned out wrong too.not sure wether theyre using the same measurements as the rest of the population.

daleaway, Sep 21, 5:30am
One of my favourite recipes is Lois Daish's Lamb Shanks in Red Wine with Raisins from her Dinner At Home book.
However, she gives the quantity of wine as 1/4.
A quarter of a glass!litre! bottle!bathtub!
I make it anyway, and make up my own measurement.

elliehen, Sep 21, 5:59am
My favourite is in a 1960s Wellington Community Cookbook put together by the high society ladies of the time.

It gives a recipe for fudge and then says to pour into a greased 'fish'.

deus701, Sep 21, 6:13am
Her error, is to be beautiful~

elliehen, Sep 21, 6:36am
All the men in her life love her for her beauty, not her cooking.apparently.

I read recently an interview with her where she ruefully complained that the men in her life did not eat her cooking.Her first husband who died of cancer, could not, and her second and current husband will not because he has his own ideas (nothing but eggs and vegetables, I think!).

Nigella's father, Nigel Lawson, was Chancellor of the Exchequer during Margaret Thatcher's government and was once a very fat man, who wrote a diet book after losing weight.

"Nigel Lawson was the man who made Britain boom in the 1980s. As Margaret Thatcher's Chancellor of the Exchequer, he led the country through a period of high growth and low inflation.

The political cartoonists loved him because he was fat - 17 stone - an easy victim for their pens. But Nigel, now Lord, Lawson shocked the satirists and the nation by going on a hugely successful diet. So great was the response to his achievement, that his book, the Nigel Lawson Diet Book, about how he lost five stone, became a best seller. "

lurtz, Sep 21, 7:28am
ellihen, you are mine of information. I love your posts.

elliehen, Sep 21, 8:08am
Thank you.I live in a writerly, bookish place and can't help myself sometimes.

I'm sure someone will let me know if I get too carried away ;)

eastie3, Sep 21, 8:12am
Shurely not ellie,we are all very mindful of one another's feelings here

wineo, Sep 21, 10:07am
Mint Jelly in Edmonds cook book is another error, I made this week,father too much chopped mint for the liquid quantities, doubled the liquid and it turned out o.k.

daisyk, Sep 21, 8:31pm
I didn't know Nigella was renown for cooking book errors. I have several of her books and use them on a weekly basis, maybe more and haven't come across an error yet.I love her recipes and way of "talking" you into the recipe and the food to come.

beaker59, Sep 22, 1:08am
I struggle to watch Nigella and get the gist of what she's cooking not sure why.

(wee hint- don't watch this if you are a sensitive wee soul)!v=RtS2Ikk7A9I&feature=share

hezwez, Sep 22, 1:19am
Ohhh beaker you ARE bad.

elliehen, Sep 22, 1:26am
Wicked beaker!Introducing 'food porn' to Recipes!

beaker59, Sep 22, 2:42am
One does try

jan2242, Sep 22, 2:48am
One of Annabelle Langbeins I got from the library had loads of ingredients missing in the lists. Very annoying if you wanted to make any of them.

antoniab, Sep 22, 4:07am
LMAO that is awesome!

donnabeth, Sep 23, 2:12am
When microwaves were the newest thing out, I entered a competition to win a microwave bowl by submitting a recipe. My recipe for smoked eel was accepted and the bowl and book duly arrived. I looked for my recipe only to find there was one ingredient missing---the smoked eel.LOL.

eastie3, Sep 23, 4:49am
thanks beaker !

elliehen, Sep 23, 9:45am
I think beaker's YouTube film editor has turned Nigella into Salmonella!

elliehen, Sep 28, 6:06am
Masterchefs as you've never seen them before ;)!v=IfeyUGZt8nk

beaker59, Nov 10, 1:01am
Thats awesome gotta love a bit of base, specially if its buttery.

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