Lite condensed milk

popeye333, Sep 16, 4:04am
Accidentally got the wrong tin. Is there much difference to normal sweetened condensed milk!

auburn4, Sep 16, 4:13am
It's thinner. Can still be used for most things though.

jessie981, Sep 16, 4:46am
As auburn said. Doesn't make the best salad dressing!

rainrain1, Sep 16, 6:08am
Its nowhere near as nice< avoid it like the plague I say I say

auburn4, Sep 16, 9:29am
I do use it for salad dressing and have had no trouble, it becomes firm on refrigeration I find. The only thing I won't use it for is when making a steamed pudding with condensed milk on the top. The Lite condensed milk doesn't caramelise like the other cond milk.

juliewn, Sep 16, 12:42pm
I use it for anything needing SCM. and always buy the lite variety.

batman22, Sep 17, 1:40am
Ummm steamed pudding - a special recipe or just a basic recipe with condensed milk instead of jam/syrup!

wildflower, Sep 17, 3:52am
It's all I've used for years, never noticed any difference.I use it for baking, salad dressings, making ice cream.

auburn4, Sep 17, 11:42am
Batman22,Edmonds Steamed Dominion Pudding, omit the raisins & jam and pour condensed milk into the bottom of the steaming bowl. cook as per recipe and serve with piping hot custard.

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