Slow cooker recipes

dantes_auntie, Sep 5, 1:22am
has anyone got some good ones

lookingfor, Sep 5, 2:16am
Are you interested in stew ones or ones like lamp shanks cooked in slow cooker

dantes_auntie, Sep 5, 5:08am

fifie, Sep 5, 10:08am
Good recipes here for S/cooker,

pickles7, Sep 5, 11:03am
Irish stew

Simple, Delicious, & Nourishing.

I am cooking this over night in a slow cooker.
16 neck chops
2 medium ch onions
6 peeled and chopped carrots
3 tsp salt
2 tsp gr. black pepper
2 cups of water
###1 chopped habanero chili ### A little hot for small children
4 good hand fulls, of chopped up silver beet stalks. [Optional, my family won't eat the whites in silverbeet ]
put cooker on high and turn down to , low.
Cooked 8 hours. The meat is falling off the bones.
I poured the liquid off into a narrow container, the fat was easier to skim off the top without setting it.
return to heat adding a can of drained peas [ mintless] reserve the liquid,
Add 3 Tblsp of cornflour to the liquid and thicken the stew, add more if you need to.
I served this with , mashed potato, boiled whole carrots, silverbeet greens.

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