What can you replace KREMELTA with! Butter!

tonesabi, Sep 2, 2:39am
Does any1 know if i can replace kremelta with butter or maybe another substitute.

buzzy110, Sep 2, 2:47am
Kremelta is an artificially hardened fat. (hydrogenated coconut oil) There are no natural fats around that retain that level of hardness out of the fridge. Recipes using kremelta would have been created especially for that particular product and it is unlikely that a substitute is available that will produce exactly the same, or similar results.

What recipe were you hoping to make! Maybe others in here can suggest a substitute recipe instead.

tonesabi, Sep 2, 2:59am
thankyou wer hoping to make chocolate crackles

cookessentials, Sep 2, 3:05am
Choc crakles with kremelta.that is about all you can use as far as I am aware.

tonesabi, Sep 2, 3:10am
ok we'll just be stickn with rice bubble cakes today thankyou

uli, Sep 2, 5:32am
You could try to use non-hardened virgin coconut oil. If you keep the choc crackles in the fridge the coconut oil would stay hard enough.

kinna54, Sep 2, 7:52am
As others have said there really is no similar substitute. Wish there was as it's getting so expensive, at $6.30 in New World the other day I left it there, as I don't use it very often.
For chocolate crackles you can make them by melting a cake of chocolate and adding to the rice bubble mix. Sorry I don't have the recipe tho.

nzgemma, Sep 2, 7:58am
I just melt chocolate and mix in the rice bubles - random amounts until it looks right.

elliehen, Sep 2, 9:14am
Or just make a chocolate bark, as you do with berries and nuts.Melt the chocolate and spread out on baking paper, then sprinkle the rice bubbles on top.When it sets, break it into random shapes.

dilligaf_dah, Sep 2, 10:31am
Make a marshmellow mix and add the rice bubbles to that works a treat.

chef_sweetmama, Mar 19, 6:53am
truffle mix works good too. you only want the bind to harden so if the kids dont like coconut (which mine dont) try using that or any meltable chocolate.

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