Double Cream/Heavy Cream

dulouz, Mar 22, 10:53pm
Anyone know if there is any double cream/heavy cream available in NZ. I know you can get thickened cream but that just seeems to be cream with gelatine added which doesn't sound the same.

cgvl, Mar 22, 11:03pm
depends on what you class as heavy cream/double cream.
If you are using an overseas (ie english or american) recipe then our standard cream is the equivalent.
single cream or half and half are of a lesser milk fat/butter fat content.
NZ standard cream should be at least 40% fat anything less is considered to be lite cream.
Hope that helps to understand some of the recipes we are seeing from overseas.

fmgirl, Mar 22, 11:18pm
Double cream used in english recipes is the same as our standard cream.
There is a lite cream which could be substituted for single cream.

dulouz, Mar 22, 11:45pm
Thanks, I ws thinking of using Creme Fraiche which I think is a tad expensive.

245sam, Nov 25, 4:10pm
dulouz, what is it that you're making?
Not only is Creme Fraiche more expensive than our cream, IMO it is not necessarily a good substitute for it either but again that could depend on what is being made. :-))

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