Corned beef in slow cooker

orloc1, Aug 25, 7:30am
I need a recipe - i had one that had honey, bay leaves and vinegar in it but i cant find the recipe anywhere . can some one help me out !

dodgy76, Aug 25, 7:40am
I just fill my slow cooker with water, add brown sugar and cook.Start cooking at about midday and nice and moist when served up.

steph1211, Aug 25, 7:46am
i do the same, expect i put mine on in the mouring

kp11, Aug 25, 7:46am
I just add to the slow cooker a few dribbles (! 1/4 cup) of malt vinegar & 2-3 tablespoons of golden syrup.Sometimes add a whole onion - it soaks up any excess salt - throw the onion out later, dont eat it.Put it on in morn before work - get home at end of day & dinners nearly done.

Or if doing it in a boiling pot on the stove I do all the above, add a few carrots then cover it over with cabbage leaves & let it simmer for hours.

orloc1, Aug 25, 7:51am
how much brown sugar do you put in it !

auburn4, Aug 25, 8:55am
I just use water,1/4 cup of malt vinegar and 1 whole onion normally but sometimes I add a small amount of orange zest and/or 2 Tbsp of maple syrup. I have used my slow cooker often but prefer it done in a pot on the stove as it is more tender. Had it hot for dinner tonight.

harrislucinda, Aug 25, 10:46am
i just add a bayleafnothingelseturns out fine

r-mvz, Aug 25, 7:56pm
Wash the meat
1 tsp vinegar
6 cloves
12 peppercorns
1 tsp brown sugar
1 bay leaf
cover with water, bring to simmer

jaymez1, Sep 20, 12:34pm
do you cover the whole thing over with water,i leave early,at 6am an back at 5pm do i put on high or low!

lyl_guy, Sep 20, 12:41pm
OK, by accident last week I cooked the perfect CB in the slow cooker.
First time I tried it I followed the recipe and cooked it about 7hrs on low. it came out a bit tough.THEN last week because of a miscommunication, it was put on High for about 5hrs, then Low for another 5hrs!(I went to work and family got the instructions wrong!). IT WAS falling-apart tender, and SO delicious!
I had it barely covered with water, squirted a few tblsp golden syrup on top, a splosh of malt vinegar, and some whole peppercorns.

jaymez1, Sep 20, 12:48pm
cheers lyl_guy awesum thankyou very much cb On,,,

cookessentials, Sep 20, 10:05pm
Thats how I cook mine On high from about 9am till 4pm, then flick down to low until serving time. I add malt vinegar, brown sugar, a couple of bay leaves and half a dozen whole cloves to the crockpot. I always boil the jug and add hte boiled water to the crock pot and top up with enough cold to cover the meat, then add the above ingredients in.

dodgy76, Sep 22, 10:04am
I fully cover mine with water, and add about a cup brown sugar, i usually boil the water so your not having to heat the water as well.

harrislucinda, Sep 22, 10:20am

cookessentials, Sep 22, 9:25pm
Yeah, i only use about 1-2 tbsp of soft brown sugar. Some people like gingerale or golden syrup.

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