Where to buy Caramel Rice cakes

nigelt74, Aug 8, 3:00am
Hi all


Basically like the rice cakes sold in the supermarkey but instead of savoury they are sweet, someone at Kindy bought some back from the UK(different brand), Has anyone seen these in NZ shops!

As they were really really yummy

bambi08, Aug 8, 3:21am
Yip they are new into nz. will b out in sept some time. i have some at the moment as my sister promotes them. they are good. also honey and apple

nigelt74, Aug 8, 9:15pm
Cheers for that, they are rather yummy. So i will be buying some of them when they come out

svx1, Aug 9, 12:27am
Hi they are available at NW the flavours are white and dark chocolatehas some the other day really yum the dark chocolate is better than the white.

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