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xtownie, Mar 21, 9:36pm
Whats an easy recipe for some sort of a vege fritata type dish? Am thinking it as a different way to give kids a good Vege fix to acompany their crumbed schnitzel tonight? Something like heaps of diff grated veges in a dish with a little grated cheese on top perhaps? What would I use to bind it together with etc?

kirinesha, Mar 21, 9:41pm
Bind it with beaten eggs... .

xtownie, Mar 21, 9:42pm
how many do you reckon? (lol only have 2 left until groceries later today) 2 should do it aye?

245sam, Mar 21, 9:48pm
xtownie, as kirinesha has advised frittatas are egg-based however another suggestion for a vegetable accompaniment for the schnitzels would be a vegetable gratin/vegetable bake in which case it would be an egg-less dish and the 'binding' would be either a plain bechamel/white sauce with a topping of cheese or cheese and breadcrumb or even crushed potato or corn chips with or without the cheese, and/or the sauce could be flavoured - fresh herbs e. g. parsley; onion; cheese; curry or with whatever appeals to your family.

Hope that helps. :-))

kirinesha, Mar 21, 9:50pm
I think 2 would be perfect :) Not sure how you are doing yours but I do mine in a small frying pan, sauting the veges until softening then pouring the beaten eggs over and cooking over a low heat until set. I then pop the cheese on top and under the grill so it's all bubbling and a little browned.

245sam, Mar 21, 9:50pm
The number of eggs required to bind the vegetables would depend, obviously, on the quantity of vegetables you're using but IMO for a family-sized frittata you would need more than 2. :-))

xtownie, Mar 21, 10:14pm
Thank you people! All options sound great!

fisher, Nov 21, 10:00am
Veges:capsicum, thin slices green and red, onion diced, chopped mushrooms, tomato chunks, small potato cubes, tiny broccoli florets, few frozen peas. . saute in little butter and par boil the broc and spud. . Then add spuds to frypan for a few mins to brown a little and finally broc. Can prefry some bacon and chop up if you want...
Yeah. . BIG is good... Med size frypan... 6 eggs beaten for me with a little cream, salt, white pepper, parsley and basil or coriander mixed through. .cook with egg poured over, add grated cheese to top and into oven to grill and melt cheese. .

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