chocolate using kremelta

plc68, Mar 21, 1:11am
Does anyone have the recipe for chocolate using kremelta please

barloo, Mar 21, 2:43am
here ya go. I have this one but never tried to make it yet. Let us know how it goes:)

1 C icing sugar - small mounded C

1 C skim milk powder

1/2 C melted kermelta

1 good Tablespoon cocoa

Melt kermelta while sifting dry into a bowl.

Add wet mix to dry and mix well.

pour into molds or lined tin.

dbab, Mar 21, 7:56am
I used to make this in Xmas moulds when my children were young. Tastes okay, but nothing like "real' chocolate. Was fun making the shapes though.

barloo, Mar 21, 8:02am
wonders if a good coco and more of will make any difference to the taste?

uli, Mar 21, 8:05am
Just check what is in "real chocolate" and then compare to this above recipe - it will never taste even similar.

barloo, Mar 21, 8:08am
ooOoo add some liqueurs to the mix! !

hehehehe that should help with the taste! ! :)

m..., Jan 19, 8:37pm
I make this regularly - but with more kremelta and at least 4 tablespoons cocoa. Yes the quality of the cocoa makes a difference. Also full fat milk powder makes it better. Tastes good with raisins & nuts or rice puffs or whatever added too :)
It wont ever be like shop bought chocolate but it's sure a better quality with no icky stuff added :)

chef_callum, Feb 10, 3:59am
I dont recommened this chocolate as its very gritty and taste like chocolate icing,not also doesnt set nicely and is crumbely.

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