diabetic dessert recipes

sar6, Mar 20, 11:23pm
any one got a gooddiabeticdessert recipe

sar6, Mar 21, 6:24am
any one

elliehen, Mar 21, 7:25am
Have just bumped the Diabetic Baking thread for you - don't know what's in there, but it's quite a few pages long so there must be something :)

hezwez, Mar 21, 7:26am
elliehen has bumped the diabetic baking thread for you sar6, there are also quite a few recipes on google, (some involving filo and fruit... scrummy) and if you save the book sold recently on trademe #273722984 as your favourite search there may be another copy lurking out there.

auntlb, Mar 21, 7:33am
It really depends on your diabetic and what they will eat! Some will eat a little bit of sugar as a treat and others will avoid even a small bit. Something like fresh fruit salad (made with fruit in juice if canned NOT syrup) and some plain icecream or yoghurt is nice.
Other things I do are baked apples - core out an apple and stuff it with dates or dried apricots and then bake until just soft.
Fruit crumble - making crumble topping with just a little sugar, oats and low fat marg
Hope that helps

sar6, Nov 19, 4:51pm
thanks very help ful