what do you put in your mac cheese

baby861, Mar 19, 5:29am
i put mushys, baby spinach , capsicum, onion, bacon. well thats whats in tonights one

margyr, Mar 19, 5:37am
mmmmmmmm, sounds yummy! I love it but husband doesn't so dont make it often.

supercook, Mar 19, 6:13am
Ham, cooked onion and crushed pineapple

vintagekitty, Mar 19, 6:16am
Sun dried Tom Hummus, diced ham, tom, onion, parsley and loads of cheese

nzhel, Mar 19, 12:51pm
Gosh that sounds a nice change! My mum used to finish it off with a layer of tomato sauce, then sprinkled with dried breadcrumbs, topped with tasty grated cheese and grilled until golden and bubbling. My family still wants that topping! !

mber2, Mar 19, 8:42pm
When we have mac cheese we add a little bit of currie powder, and its so yummy as well as the rest of ingredients

katje, Mar 21, 5:46am
pepper- lots of pepper

katje, Mar 21, 5:47am
and turmeric- just to turn it really golden yellow

alebix, Mar 21, 6:02am
onion, bacon and pepper. Oh and more cheese than required.

carot3, Mar 21, 6:18am
a little bit of mustard in the sauce brings out the cheese flavor.

island_girl06, Mar 21, 6:27am
Ohhh my mum does that. It's her secret to making the best mac and cheese.

mango5, Mar 21, 7:07pm
bacon and tomatoe, but one son can't eat mac and cheese as it gives him a headache, so have to do something different for him when the rest of us eat it.

crails, Mar 21, 8:23pm
Fried onion, bacon and tomato

kcak, Nov 20, 10:01pm
I agree. I do this for all cheese sauces.

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