Freezing apricots..

hhb, Jan 6, 10:52pm
I have a huge amount of delish apricots and would love to do something with them, do they turn out ok slightly stewing, halved and stoned with a syrup, then cooling and placing in freezer - the lazy option to preserving. . which I have not done nor have the jars etc, so would cost. Freezing seems like a fast cost efficient way? Thanks.

davidt4, Jan 6, 10:58pm
Yes, poached apricots freeze well. Make sure the fruit is completely covered in the syrup to avoid freezer burn.

punkinthefirst, Jan 10, 12:01pm
I had no time to process apricots last year, so just free-flowed them, and used them through the year to make jam, bake in fruit sponges, etc. Worked well, but they don't hold their shape well if you stew them afterwards. OK casseroled gently in the oven, though. You can halve and remove stones before freezing, or do it when they are partially thawed.

jubli, Jul 21, 6:43pm
Over the years I have found that pureeing them first in the blender and then freezing them in silicone muffin tins works well - just press them out when frozen and freeflow the puree - makes excellent smoothies, desserts etc.

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