Muffin recipe with oil

wai4, Mar 18, 4:36am
instead of butter please

245sam, Mar 18, 4:44am
wai4, if you have a favourite or some favourite muffin recipe(s) that require butter maybe you'd like to try the following, which I personally have not needed to try as yet - this is thanks to TM's fantalantique... . .

" make all my muffins with oil instead of butter now. My rule is for every 50g butter use 40ml oil. I use rice bran or canola oil now as it is apparently healthier but I guess you could use olive.
fantalantique (408 )1:46 pm, 26 Jul":-))

wai4, Mar 18, 5:09am
Thank you very much for your help.

amazing_grace, Nov 11, 11:03am
I make a strawberry jam muffin with oil. In a jar add 1/2c oil, 1 egg, 1/4c jam and 1/4c milk. Mix. In a bowl put 2c SR four and 1/2c white sugar. Mix the wet into the dry and bake about 15mins.

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