A yummy slow cooker pork recipe please?

fn1, Jun 24, 1:26am
Does any one know of a yummy slow cooker pork recipe please with cubed pork?

beaker59, Jun 24, 4:12am
Sorry not really but I would brown the meat well then add the flavours that go well with pork I'm thinking apple onion sage cloves(not too much though) fresh ginger garlic etc then some vege to extend and soak up flavour like carrots Brocolli etc are good right now. cook til tender 4 hours on high with my slow cooker Don't forget seasoning and I would add a little chilli. Thicken if neccesary at end.

fn1, Jun 24, 4:25am
Thanks for that- apple and onion, sounds good, and hadnt thought of ginger! hmm... got the pork ready to go in the morning, just dusting off my crockpot- first use this season now that its getting colder!! Thanks again!!

fee1965, Jun 24, 11:40pm
try adding a glass of white wine or apple cider with some sage and onion and crumble in a chicken stock cube

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