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elliehen, Nov 28, 10:42am
Having ventured in to Recipes from the benign and friendly Books Message Board, I am stunned to find petty sniping and bitter infighting as some posters challenge one another for the rights to ownership or invention of particular recipes, and then belittle the creative cooking ideas of others. Aunt Daisy will be turning in her grave at these cyber food fights :)

natalie9, Nov 28, 10:55am
hear hear

duckmoon, Nov 28, 11:05am
I wander into recipes from Parenting - and find it warm and friendly - maybe that says more about parenting than anything else!

hezwez, Nov 28, 12:12pm
Some of the snide nasty comments are awful, but let's be grateful the contributors are sharing a forum and not a kitchen. Can you imagine what the walls would look like?

angie461, Nov 28, 6:47pm
I find most people on this board extremely helpful and check in often for new ideas and have made some fantastic food from recipes here, there are a couple of posters whose messages I dont read any longer.

clemo, Nov 28, 6:53pm
I have to say, I have noticed a huge change in Recipes too! Such a shame. Hopefully after the Christmas "stress" period, everyone will come back happy as Larry! I just hope in the mean time I dont miss out on any great recipes, as I prefer to click out of a thread as soon as the food starts flying!

maynard9, Nov 28, 7:19pm
Gosh - really - I have obviously missed something. That is very sad to hear. I have always found this forum very friendly and helpful. I am sorry you have been 'put off' - but I don't think it is too wide spread - is it? I only click on subjects that I know will interst me or I can offer suggestions. Perhaps I have been entering the 'wrong ones'. Please don't think the majority of us are like that tho. There are some wonderful contributors.

frances1266, Nov 28, 7:50pm
I have noticed some threads are 'opinions' not recipes which seems to contribute to the angst. People here are adults and are capable of forming their own opinion - if they want a debate they should move over to the opinions board.
Just my 'opinion' lol.

gemini007, Nov 28, 7:52pm
I agree - snide comments are not necessary - I just come here for the fantastic recipes - I have a great collection of them now - some are firm family favourites. I just ignore the bitchiness and come for the great recipes - much like the rest of the TMMB (and life) there are some nasty pieces of work out there.

edited to say: elliehen whatever you do - DO NOT venture into parenting or general - it's feral out there!

nfh1, Nov 28, 8:26pm
There are only a couple of posters who seem to feel it necessary to make nasty comments. In all communities you always get people like that and so no surprise there are some here.

It is a shame because the posters in question have some really interesting things to say most of the time but sometimes come over as nasty know alls!

Sad that people who are good at something and have lots of information feel the need to put others down.

kaddiew, Nov 28, 9:10pm
I couldn't agree more. This recent hijacking of threads by a few folks who feel the need to point out the nutritional "defects" of a recipe, or make fun of a poster's cooking skills, is nasty. We're all adults here, who can think for ourselves. Thankfully the majority of posters are caring people just happy to share their recipes and tips - for which I'm very grateful.

ferita, Nov 28, 9:12pm
Dont go to parenting, general or opinions then; you will freak out.

andrea1978, Nov 28, 9:18pm
I don't know, I've seen people get pretty precious in books too. It's just human nature I guess.

charlieb2, Nov 28, 9:36pm
I think there are "my way, or the highway' type people in every category, as there are in every walk of life.

natalie9, Nov 28, 10:15pm
Pity they spent too much time learning about food and less about emotional intelligence. Negitivity is far worse for your body than some of the food suggested.

michelle313, Nov 28, 11:38pm
Nice to see that I'm not the only one thinking this board is getting a bit touchy. I just think some people on here are "food snobs" and I just ignore them.

beaker59, Nov 29, 12:31am
Oh don't be so precious people, wouldn't it be a boring world if everyone agreed all the time. Recipes and food have always been the cause of minor conflict long may they continue. Otherwise where did sayings like "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen" come from ;)

jessie981, Nov 29, 2:03am
Agree with elliehen's comments. A recipe board to share recipies, hints etc. Not an Opinion of whose recipe is best.

alebix, Nov 29, 3:05am
I agree, This is a recipe board not a im better than you board or lets just put everyone down board. We come on here for recipe/baking/cooking help not un-wanted opinions.
Its getting really childish in here.

nauru, Nov 29, 3:35am
Pleased to see some others have noticed certain people making nasty comments in threads. You have a recipe which you have found to be good and want to share so you post it, only to find some smarties who think they know it all, want to pull it to pieces and hijack the thread. Best to ignore and keep posting.

hezwez, Nov 29, 3:47am
If cyber-bullying belongs anywhere, and IMHO it doesn't, it's not in the recipes category. I have much admiration for the trader who has been chiefly targeted, in refusing to retaliate or lie down and play dead. I'm surprised beaker59 that you describe it as 'being precious' to object. People hide behind their computers to insult when they wouldn't (you hope) dream of being so immature face to face, and I look forward to this forum being the friendly helpful place it used to be.

beaker59, Nov 29, 4:49am
I've not seen any cyber bullying Hezwez, but why shouldn't there be a bit of banter the cooking world isn't all just "niceties", people get very personal over thier favourite little technique or recipe, sometimes we all need to be challenged. I like cooking from scratch so get annoyed at recipes based on packet additives, others are passionate about traditional recipes so get snippy when people give wrong recipes for classic dishes, I can understand that. But some dissagree and why shouldn't those things be vigourously debated its how we all learn and if your precious sensibilities get offended by a bit of debate then don't read it.

hezwez, Nov 29, 4:52am
I haven't got 'precious sensibilities beaker59, just a sense of fair play.

kirinesha, Nov 29, 4:53am
I agree with Beaker.

Why should recipes posters be any better, or any worse, than any others on this message board?

Just because we love food and cooking doesn't make us morally superior or behave any differently than anyone else when discussing a subject many of us are passionate about.

And like anyone else we are entitled to disagree and air preferences in a robust fashion. Such is life.

bedazzledjewels, Nov 29, 5:03am
And let me wade in here. Cooking, tasting and eating are subjective things. Everyone experiences it differently. I'm a cooking novice and I really appreciate everyone's take on how to cook the best way for them.
I'm also passionately interested in nutrition and I love to read about others' research and what suits their bodies foodwise.
Can't say I've really come across full-on nastiness in here. Always thought it was a wonderful place to while away many more hours than I should!
Smile everyone - life's too short to get your knickers in a twist!

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