Help! A gluten free dessert for a BIG dinner party

oh_hunnihunni, Jun 28, 7:14am
C'mon allyou experts, I need ideas for an easily made and transported dessert option for an 'after' Important Social Function dinner party- probably about a dozen guests, maybe 2 dozen? A finger food type thing would be perfect - but sexy! It has to have artistic impact, lol...

motorbo, Jun 28, 7:28am
meringues SP, make them will a hollow and fill with a mix of whipped cream and gluten free lemon curd, or just whipped cream mixed with chocolate grated could add cherries i guess you decorate gives the impact

oh_hunnihunni, Jun 28, 7:52am
Gluten free lemon curd? There's gluten in lemon/eggs/sugar? I never knew that... Thank you, good idea. And I do a mean lemon curd. The hard way, lol...

izant, Jun 28, 8:41am
passionfruit curd is yummo too...though a tad expensive with the main ingredient being about $24/kilo!

gaspodetwd, Jun 28, 8:44am
Sponge roulades - made with cream and fruit. Make the sponge with GF sugar, GF self raising flour and eggs.
Or chocolate mousse. Tatua ready is made is GF.
Ameretti biscuits half dipped in chocolate. I will give you the recipe...
Sachertorte can be easily made GF.
You can make GF trifle too - but it is very time consuming.

motorbo, Jun 28, 10:01am
i said that to cover me cos i cant remember how to make it its been years

deus701, Jun 28, 12:14pm
macarons should do the trick.

carter19, Jun 29, 4:14am
What about a tray of bite sized fruiton sticks intermingled with chocolates? Theres never any left.

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