I have so many beans what do I do with them?

meltingmoment, Mar 17, 5:21am
I brought this huge bag of fresh beans today, cos they were on sale, but now I look at them, I'm thinking OMG, what am I gonna do with them?

Any suggestions?

buzzy110, Mar 17, 5:24am
For what it is worth, I lacto-fermented my excess but I'm considered weird.

meltingmoment, Mar 17, 5:28am
LOL, I can't even begin to imagine what that even is? Not weird, just different!

buzzy110, Mar 17, 6:02am
Yes. Very different. The beauty of this method is that the beans, when I come to eat them in the winter will have exactly the same mouth feel that fresh beans have. However, as the lacto-fermentation partially digests the indigestible bits (cellulose) I can choose whether to eat them raw (in salads or as part of an anti-pasta platter), cooked (as a vegetable with my meal) or thrown into soup.

This means that I have increased my choices of what I can do with my beans from just cooked to cooked and raw.

It is interesting to note that whilst many vegetables are better if they are left a little crunchy, beans are among those vegetables that really need to be fully cooked. I hate being served up crunchy beans. They don't taste great and they are rather indigestible as well.

uli, Mar 17, 7:46am
What is "huge bag of beans" - a kilo or a bit more?

You could make a lovely stew out of it with cubed beef, fried onions, tomatoes, peppers, the beans and some bacon. If you want carbs then add some peeled potatoes. Spice it up with chillies, salt and herbs like savoury (the bean herb) and parsley and garlic.

This gets better when re-heated so you can eat it for a couple of days :)

jag5, Mar 17, 8:01am
Freeze them. Slice them, blanch them, cool and drain, then bag up. You will have them through the winter then. I dry mine now in my grunty dehydrator. Brilliant

meltingmoment, Mar 17, 12:30pm
uli, haven't weighed them, but probably about 2 kilos?

OK will try that thanks

fruitluva2, Mar 17, 6:52pm
Prep them, chop then free-flow freeze

skyblue26, Mar 17, 7:35pm
I'm assuming they are fresh beans. So you should "blanch" them.
That means getting a big pot, half fill it with tap water, bring to the boil. Drop the beans in, for two minutes, then drain in a colander, then bag and freeze them. If they are already frozen, just put them back in the freezer!

buzzy110, Mar 17, 10:31pm
Do homemade frozen beans taste better than those vile things that are sold in supermarket freezers? This is a serious question. I had frozen beans from a packet once and vowed that I'd have to be held down and have them forced down my throat before I ate them again. However, if homemade ones are better then I will give them a go next year.

**Fingers crossed**

lythande1, Mar 18, 12:22am
Freeze them.

jag5, Nov 11, 1:04pm
Home made frozen are fine.

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