Jo Segars Cameo Creme and Chocolate

robbie162, May 30, 10:11am
Did anyone take down that recipe of Jo Segars last night ,which she made a cake from Cameo Cremes,chocolate and cream.I would be grateful if you could put it on the recipe thread

korbo, May 30, 6:35pm
what programe was this on. sounds just like me....i just adore cameo creams...mmmm pass me one now.......

goldgurl, May 30, 7:42pm
Oh gawd I saw this too and didn't manage to get the recipe down as I was feeding lil miss at the time - would love the recipe too please... I'm sure it was just warm cream poured onto chocolate bits, then she added whipped cream...

245sam, May 30, 8:32pm
I too, wonder what channel this programme was on, and was it a repeat?
I recall from many years ago that Jo Seagar had a series of cooking programmes on TV, one of which included a cake? dessert? that used Cameo Cremes (2-3 packets I think) - maybe this was the same programme repeated and if so, somewhere I believe I have the recipe because at that time all the programme's recipes were printed in one of our weekly magazines.:-))

beebs, May 30, 8:34pm
didnt see it but have found this?

375 grams packet chocolate dark melts
2 cups cream
2 packets of cameo cream biscuits
(extra whipped cream and shaved chocolate to garnish)

• Grease and line the base of a 20cm springform cake tin with paper.
• In a double boiler saucepan or easier still the microwave, heat the chocolate and 1 cup of cream together until chocolate has melted
• Stir until smooth and cool 5 minutes.
• Place one packet of cameo creams in the food processor and run machine to finely crumb them.
• Add 2 tablespoons of the chocolate cream to moisten the crumbs further - press into the base of the springform cake tin.
• Whip the 2nd cup of cream until soft peaks form.
• Gently fold cream and chocolate mixtures together.
• Pour approximately 1 cup of this over the biscuit crumb base.
• Break up or roughly chop the remainder of the biscuits and sprinkle over a layer. Repeat with the chocolate cream then biscuit layer twice finishing with a chocolate cream layer.
• Cover with plastic cling film and refrigerate at lease 12 hours (overnight). (Cake may be frozen at this stage, allow 4 hours to soften).

To serve: run a thin hot knife blade around the edge of cake and remove, slide tin carefully, lift off base and paper and position on a serving plate.
Top each portion with a dollop of whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

griffo4, May 30, 9:21pm
beebs l made that recipe years ago from Jo Seagar and it is sooo nice and rich
l had lost the recipe though so thanks for posting it was in a woman's mag and it was when she had her show on TV1

marywea, May 30, 10:38pm
Have same recipe but 3 pkts of cameo creams-came from friend.

245sam, May 30, 10:57pm
And I have now found the recipe, as it appeared in "New Idea", from Jo's 1999 series of cooking programmes- the quantities in that recipe are

375g packet dark chocolate melts
2 cups cream
Cameo Cream biscuits - only 1 packet !!
extra whipped cream and shaved chocolate to garnish

This note is at the end of the recipe "The recipe is easy to double if you have a larger tin and require a bigger dessert" - it's obviously an adaptable recipe but surely a smaller dessert with less biscuits would not need as much chocolate and cream??
I still think though that when Jo made it on TV that she used 2 or 3 packets biscuits, so griffo4 as you have made the cake, what quantities did you use? Obviously you enjoyed it so can we assume that you were totally happy with the end result and the quantities you used?:-))

goldgurl, May 30, 11:06pm
yep - that's the recipe!!YUM and sooo darn easy!!

btw - the show comes on most days (well it did last week lol) at 4:30pm, after Taste NZ...on channel 17 :)Repeated about 3 or 4 times within 24!!

angie461, May 30, 11:36pm
I have made this for several childrens birthdays, and have used a few different types of biscuits, oreos are popular it is great because it keeps in the freezer so can be made well in advance or is ideal for a slow eater.

trademequeen, May 30, 11:59pm
In the New Idea it does say 1pkt of cameo cremes but in her book "You shouldn't have gone to so much trouble, darling"the recipe states 2 pkts.
I would think there may have been a mis print in the Magazine.!!
Cheers :)
ps...I have most of her books!!! Yep I am a recipe-a-holic!!! :)

falcon-hell, May 31, 4:25am
sounds good,i'm gonna get me some cameo cremes in the groceries tomorrow.

245sam, May 31, 4:42am
If you're a recipe-a-holic, trademequeen, then I must be one too - I also have most of Jo's books. I never thought to look in her books for that recipe, I just remembered that I had kept those recipes from New Idea, and I was really surprised to find that the New Idea version was only one packet because for some reason I recall Jo using 2 or more packets on TV.:-))

mumto3, May 31, 9:32am
I have been making Jo Seagars Cameo Mousse Cake for over 10 years so it must be a pretty old programme LOL

245sam, May 31, 11:01am
mumto3, the programme I recall was 1999, so 12 years ago.:-))

trademequeen, May 31, 9:28pm grown daughters are dreading the day when I am "gone"........I have books and recipes torn from magazines all over the house, not just on my cookbook bookshelf!!!!!! Then there are the magazines themselves but I'm working on them!!!!! I also have heaps of links and recipes on my computer which I am in the process of sorting into some sort of order and then put onto a usb stick. addiction...yes :)However I do cook as welllol :)

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