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arie404, May 26, 6:04am
look for new ideas for homemade pizzas

jessie981, May 26, 6:10am
anything hot - pepperoni salami, jalapenos, tasty cheese, pineapple

janny3, May 26, 6:32am
Butter chicken.... mmmmm.... yum!

tarankyle, May 26, 7:07am
I put garlic hummis on instead of tomato base, yummy as :-)

anne1955, May 26, 7:30am
Anchovies can't have pizza with out...:)

Mix your tomato base with a nice basil and what ever dip type spread I have a basil and cashew one I often use... forget the pinapple to 1960's bring out the now..seafood...polish sausage.....put on it what you like..feta cheese...let the mind go wild :)

angel404, May 26, 8:38am
i always put onion, capsicum, salami, bacon, pineapple and cheese on mine. sometimes chicken as well. once its cooked i also add some generous swirls of smoky bbq sauce.

cookessentials, May 27, 1:17am
smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers with plenty of mozzarella underneath.

jessie981, May 27, 1:48am
Can I please order a large one from you angel & cookessentials. Yum. Fries with that too please.

dagwood51, May 27, 2:19am
Tomato pesto,heaps red onion,garlic,cheese and basil.

kinna54, May 27, 2:31am
Love a bit of sliced chorizzo,mushrooms,always add oregano and fresh basil, also often add cream cheese, make sure I always use a quality tomato base, but I loathe other added sauces like bbq or smoky, just my personal taste buds.

lx4000, May 27, 3:08am
corn, asparagus, caps and mushrooms!mmMmm

t.gypsy, May 27, 3:17am
prawns,smoked salmon,feta cheese,bacon,mushrooms,pineapp-
le and a good lot of mozzerella cheese

garfeild101, May 27, 4:12am
Bacon, Mince(fried in a bbq sauce or marinade) chicken, cheese,pineapple, and tomatoes on a tortilla-makes them thin and crispy without the dreaded guilt of all the fat in a thick brought base as well =) I also make healthy ones too..... I get out my tortilla, spread it with sauce,add toppings and bake on a flat tray-too thin to be put on oven rails...bake till cheese is golde usually bout 15mins
Good for me i make these all the times and theyre so easy to make

leonie11, May 27, 4:25am
bacon banana pineapple and cheese!!! its the best

leonie11, May 27, 4:26am
and onion

janny3, May 27, 4:47am
Anyone tried bolognese pizza w/ leftover bolognese sauce, roasted capsicums & mozarella?

lythande1, May 27, 5:25am
To me random stuff on bread isn't a pizza.
I'm with the italians on that. Bread, tomato and cheese, herbs. Maybe mushroom.

mackenzie2, May 27, 5:50am
Smoked chicken, apricot sauce, red peppers and brie....

poppy500, May 27, 6:45am
Very simple:
Agria potatoes (par boiled and thinly sliced) and mozarella (small amount of tomato concentrate on the base), a little rosemary if you like it, sea salt- and what lifts this into a world of its own- a squeeze of lemon juice. We are just back from Italy they do this but don't put tomato or rosemaryor lemon juice on it.
- tomato and (real basil)
-4 cheeses

tararenee, May 27, 10:23am
roast veges (kumara, pumpkin, potato, carrot) diced tiny, chicken, bacon, fried onion and garlic.bbq sauce, dollops of cream cheese then grated cheese.our fav :)

starcrazd, May 28, 6:48am
Hubby and kids LOVE nacho pizza i make for them. Tomato puree on the base. Beef mince cooked with a taco mix. Small dollops of sour cream. Corn chips. Avocado. Drizzle some tom puree and add a few more dollops of sour cream then sprinkle cheese on top. They beg me to make it lol. It is quite nice but i cant eat it.

janny3, May 28, 7:37am
Hi. This could be ideal for kiddies parties.
Do you whack everything onto the base then bake it for 10 mins?Do you put more sour cream on after cooking?
Thanks in advance.

starcrazd, May 28, 8:23am
Hey, i make it up in the order i wrote it in but you could do it to suit yourself i think it would turn out good. I always add the sour cream before it goes in the oven as its yummy that way. But you could add it after if you wanted. Bake it for aprox 10/15 mins. The kiddies love it.

delate, May 28, 8:53am
Chunks of smoked chicken, cranberry jelly and camembert.And whatever else is in the fridge.

suie1, May 28, 9:36am
MMMM must try this!

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