Lots of lemons.... can I freeze lemon honey?

poolgirl6, Jan 30, 11:52pm
About to tackle lemons from a friends tree. Lemon honey is a favourite of mine, but can I freeze it to use later and not take up so much room in the fridge? Thanks

davidt4, Jan 30, 11:56pm
Lemon curd/honey freezes okay but it does separate a little, so you will need to stir it well after you have thawed it. If you make it with egg yolks only it will survive the freezing better.

poolgirl6, Jan 31, 12:00am
Thanks now need to make meringues too! !

morrello1, Jan 31, 8:31am
I sliced my excess lemons into wedges, spread them on a baking tray, put them in the freezer then the next morning transfered to an ice cream container. Now have lemon wedges for my G&Ts whenever there aren't any ripe lemons on the tree(like today).

poolgirl6, Jan 31, 8:35am
Another worthwhile suggestion, thanks

redrustie, Jan 31, 9:21am
I do the same with slices of lemons, which you can add to all drinks or punches whilst still frozen as they're then cold as well! I just slice them and put them in a bag!

snapit, Jan 31, 9:40am
I have juiced the required number of lemons and put in a resealable bag Peeled the lemons finely with a vege peeler put them in a small resealable bage extracting as much air as possable, put it in the bag of juice and sealed it in the same way and layed it on a tray in the freezer and now have a small flat packet ready to make lemon honey when I want to. I have 4 packets of juice and rind.
To "grate' the lemon peel I will put it in the food processor with some of the required sugar and process till very fine and proceed from there.
The finely peeling the rind and processing with sugar is the way I generally do rind rather than grating, there are some exceptions.

kiwigoldie, Jan 31, 9:43am
i juice any excess and freeze into ice cubes... then when a recipe calls for juice I just thaw enough to use... time consuming to make but worth it.

kiwigoldie, Jul 22, 7:12pm
oh... . and grate some of the rind and put into some of the ice cubes as some recipes call for juice and rind of the lemon.

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