Lemon Honey and Ginger Drink

dallasm, Sep 29, 9:12pm
Can anyone tell me how to make the popular lemon, honey and ginger beverage that is available.

cookessentials, Oct 1, 1:14am
You can make your own lemon concentrate from fresh lemon juice. Use freshly grated ginger, runny honey,concentrate and boiled water.

lcscott, Oct 1, 5:27am
I got mine at the chemist in bishopdaletry your local chemist they may be able to help you or even a health shop worth a go

shickenmcboing, Oct 1, 5:37am
the brand is shott cost 11.50 at alot of pharmacies yummmmmmmy

karenz, Apr 29, 8:02pm
Can you make it without sugar?I asked the Shott people at a food show why they added sugar and they said that they had to so that it would not separate.Do you have to add liquid and then reduce it down?