Lemon honey or Lemon curd in Slow cooker - anyone

allspices, Dec 28, 9:35am
-has anyone tried this? What is the keeping quality like - what length of time? Recipe please if one is out there... . .

nfh1, Dec 28, 7:51pm
never tried in the SC but do it in the MW. It only takes a few minutes so never thought of using SC.

allspices, Dec 28, 8:16pm
I've found that the microwave version, though just as nice, doesn't keep all that well. I do big quantities so thought I'd ask about crock pot . Thanks for responding:)

davidt4, Dec 28, 8:19pm
It's so easy to make lemon curd in a saucepan that I don't think there's any point in using a slow cooker. There's no need for a double boiler, just stir the mixture constantly over medium heat and it will take about five minutes to thicken. The acid and sugar prevent the mixture from curdling.

nfh1, Dec 28, 8:23pm
I usually freeze mine. Would it keep better if you did it in the SC?

allspices, Dec 28, 11:00pm
It isn't easy in the quantities I want to make and I've found that longer cooking makes for longer keeping, so am interested in slow cooker way. My double boiler recipe has a 4 month keep time in a jar. Then longer in fridge. The only trouble is I need a larger crock pot to accommodate my bowl!

nfh1, Dec 29, 12:57am
I see - I did not realise you could keep it so long. Only me here who likes it and I only make a tiny amount and freeze half of that!

norton, Apr 11, 3:25am
Would be interested in recipe if anyone has it

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