Crumb coat icing with melted chocolate

diachris, Mar 29, 1:10am
In couple of weeks got a birhtday cake to make.I think I want to do a crumb coat of melted chocolate, before my butter cream icing layer.
Then I'm going to attempt to make my butter icing smooth like fondant.
But don't know anything about chocolate handling.
Should the cake be frozen?Do you think that would work?Any suggestions would be gratefully received.Thanks.

kiwitrish, Mar 29, 1:51am
A better idea would be to buy the Bakels choc fondant.Cover the cake with that first and then put on your butter cream icing.As a cake decorator I have never heard of a melted choc over the cake before the icing.Wouldn't it dry hard and crack and I don't know how the butter cream would stick to it.But I could be wrong.

rosathemad, Mar 29, 6:38am
Crumb coating usually refers to a first layer of buttercream, or a mix of buttercream and cake crumbs which sort of works like plaster (supposedly - I have never had success with that method). I wouldn't recommend using anything other than buttercream if that will be your final icing.

Chocolate would set and be quite strange for those eating the cake, and would also be very awkward to put on the cake. I suppose a thick-setting ganache could work if poured on and then set firm - but I think just doing two layers of buttercream (and letting the first layer firm up before applying the second) is probably your best bet, as well as being easier for you. :-)

diachris, Mar 29, 9:55am
Yeah thanks, I'll just do a thin buttercream first.I've been looking on the web about icing & read on there somewhere about the chocolate layer. But I wasn't sure, as I've never attempted anything like this, so thanks for your comments.I don't want to use fondant, as I don't really like it.
Its only for a four years old birthday, so don't want to stress too much about it, but still want to do a half decent job.And now I'm at the stage there will be atleast two cakes to produce every year.Thanks.

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