Homemade Teething rusks

mr-and-mrs, Mar 27, 10:47am
Does someone have the recipe please

jessie981, Mar 27, 10:53pm

stormbaby, Mar 28, 3:52am
I used to make them by putting a couple of desertspoons of Vegemite in boiling water, stirring to dissolve, then using stale bread or crusts, brush with the vegemite/water and dry in the oven. My kids absolutely loved them and are still huge Vegemite fans.

elliehen, Mar 28, 4:22am
I have seen recipes for rusks in old Aunt Daisy cookbooks, but I can't put my hand on one just at the moment.They were baked and then split and put back into the oven to dry out as I recall.I will keep looking.

mr-and-mrs, Apr 10, 10:29pm
The recipe I'm after has baby muesli in it

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