Tin Glide

angel21_01, Feb 9, 6:14am
hi there can anyone tell me how long this keeps

lx4000, Feb 9, 6:22am
a what?

angel21_01, Feb 9, 6:27am
tin glide you grease the tin with this;
4oz fat, 1oz veg oil must be veg, stir in 2oz flour and miz well
store in cool dark place

elliehen, Feb 9, 6:42am
pickles7 recommends this...she might know.

elliehen, Feb 9, 6:47am
With luck pickles will come in with advice :)

cookessentials, Feb 9, 8:06am

lx4000, Feb 9, 8:22am
oks. I find running my fingers round with marg or butter then a little flour tapped around the pan then the excess tipped out works great for me:)
For those not liking the idea of that way can use a little melted butter:)

pickles7, Feb 9, 8:27am
Keeps well. I have never had to throw any out yet. We used this recipe in our bakery for years. It cannot be made using all oil, that will have the opposite effect. I keep mine in my pantry, covered with a plastic bag. It is soft enough to use, as is, this time of year.

lilyfield, Feb 9, 8:56am
I buy it bulk from Bakels and keep the container in deep freeze and a wee bit in fridge.Usually lasts me about 4 years

pickles7, Feb 10, 4:23am
The recipe I gave is a good amount for home use.
I cut the recipe down to a better size for home use.
I probably make that recipe up, 3 times a year, at a guess. I am all but done baking, these days.
Bakels rep called on us every month. Why would you want to freeze it.

angel21_01, Feb 10, 5:08am
pickles the fat is it normal dripping you can buy in the meat section of the supermarket?

pickles7, Feb 10, 5:14am
yes, I have used dripping,Ihave also used chefade, that, is maybe better.

angel21_01, Feb 10, 5:27am
thanks will have to get some of that chefade :)

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