Son would like to eat tin corned beef, what brand

ab_forward1, Jan 22, 1:04am
can you recommend, as the last one I bought looked rather unappealing!!

fisher, Jan 22, 1:22am
If he has to... "Prime" .. Product of Brasil..not so much fat...
Orange label..

ibcreative, Jan 22, 1:23am
They all look unappealing.

nfh1, Jan 22, 1:25am

jills3, Jan 22, 1:30am
At a friends place the other day, she made for lunch tinned corn beef sandwiches,must admit they were tasty, or I was just real hungry.

margyr, Jan 22, 3:58am
I quite like it mixed with onion and tomato relish and mashed altogether. Another friend makes a stew with it that she says is really yum and a family favourite but I can't imagine it so have never tried to make it.

squeakygirl, Jan 22, 4:09am
Corned beef hash with mashed potato, onion and parsley is really nice - well it used to be anyway!!

52many, Jan 22, 5:10am
We use Hellabys brand. You should try mashed corned beef with mashed peas on a sammy, yum!

motorbo, Jan 22, 5:37am
its really fatty isnt it? like loaded with calories, serious question is it really meat?

margyr, Jan 22, 5:40am
some that I have opened do have a layer of fat but just chop that off.

arcane1315, Jan 22, 5:45am
did you know that depending on what country the tinned corn beef is sent to, they put different amounts of fat into it?yuck!!!We get the Cook Islands newspaper online, and about a month ago someone wrote to the paper complaining that the tin they had opened was really fatty, and that was the answer that came back from the company - they had sent the wrong order to the wrong country.

ab_forward1, Jan 22, 7:12am
Thanks, will look out for "Prime" and Hellabys at Pak n Save. He just puts it on toast for an easy meal......teenager, so not much cooking : )

lcltd, Jan 23, 3:07am
A friend of mine who lives in Fiji tells me that you can boil an unopened can of corned beef for a few minutes, then open the can and pour all the fat off.It does work!

olwen, Jan 23, 3:27am
My pommie partner always chills it before use.He then slices it avoiding the fatty bit.He'll only eat Hellabys.

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