Bought a new square muffin tin....

korbo, Jan 21, 9:15am
today, and now wondering how the muffins will turn out.
there are 12 squares about 2inches sq.
thought perhaps instead of making zucchini(sp), i could make individual ones, then freeze them.

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

I am known in the family as ***mrs gadget/appliancer***
The goldair donut maker is proving to be a great little machine.
Have made savoury ones in it...yummmy

alebix, Jan 21, 9:26am
I bought one in November, but I havent tried mine out yet as we are moving.

Im going to make savoury muffins in mine...

vintagekitty, Jan 21, 9:35am
cool, I havent seen them, but they would be really useful for loads of savoury things

korbo, Jan 21, 8:06pm
are we allowed to say where i got it from on here ??
(K mart $12.)

chooky, Jan 21, 10:19pm
I looked at those last time I was in k-mart, should have brought as havent been to k-mart since. I reckon any sort of muffens would look good in them, just liked the idea of a different shape muffen. But I also thought of xmas cakes to give away and little carrot cakes.
Look luck.

elliehen, Jan 21, 10:27pm
I am very attached to my Breville Muffin maker - amazing benchtop gadget that makes three large muffins at a time in 15 mins (average muffin recipe makes 6).Bought it on TradeMe after seeing a friend use one to make fresh breakfast muffins for her B&B guests.

Now I also do mini-quiches in it, and bread cases for savoury fillings.It's good for reheating muffins from frozen too.

guest, Mar 24, 2:42am
Which K-mart?

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