Create your own Pickling Salt

Create Pickling Salt
So you want to make pickles, but you don't have any pickling salt. Well, I will describe how to make your own pickling salt rather easily.
Kosher salt
Spice grinder.
To begin making your pickling salt, measure out the kosher (not iodized because the iodized salt will turn the pickles somewhat brown) salt, a little more than the recipe calls for.
Now, put the salt into a spice grinder, and grind the salt into a very fine powder. As fine as you can get it. Notice you will have to use more un-ground salt than the recipe call for. When the kosher salt is ground, the grains get smaller, therefore they are more compact. Once the salt is ground, you will use the amount the recipe calls for.
And now that you have your home made pickling salt, you are on your way to making your very own pickles.

Chef_lindylambchops1, Jan 10, 9:01 pm

What sort of pickles are you talking about lindy? The normal sort that is made by cooking a melange of fruit and vegetables with vinegar and sugar, etc or are you talking lactobacillus type pickles?

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 10, 11:17 pm

and why don't you just buy un- iodised salt- like me?

Chef_lilyfield, Jan 11, 5:15 pm

#1 is lifted direct from here:

I don't see the point either.

Chef_davidt4, Jan 11, 5:28 pm

Iodized salt makes pickles go brown.Best to use just ordinary salt.I see no point either!It was for pickling Nasturtium seeds aka poor man's capers!

Chef_lindylambchops1, Jan 11, 5:30 pm

"Iodized salt makes pickles go brown."
Yes we know that lindy - how are the lamb chops?

And why are you posting that we need to grind salt in a spice grinder if we want to make pickles - I have done pickles successfully without grinding salt into a dust - sine decades....

Ah I know - you wanted to be "helpful" ...

Chef_uli, Jan 11, 5:41 pm


Chef_lindylambchops1, Jan 11, 5:50 pm

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