Carrot cake

becca1818, Mar 4, 11:33pm
Freeze carrot cake or not? Do you have a good carrot cake receipe to share?

245sam, Mar 4, 11:37pm
becca1818, try using the search option here on this MB - use 'carrot cake' as the Keyword and 'Anytime' as the option for the Date posted and you'll find a good number of already-been-shared carrot cake recipes - one that I do recall has been very popular with others is the Motueka Carrot Cake but there are other good recipes that you might like to consider too. :-))

nemo9, Mar 4, 11:48pm
Look up Australian Women's Weekly 'Heavenly Carrot Cake'. Its delish I just make one change - not so many walnuts (I only use 1/2 cup) and its fine.

veg7ey1gk6, Jul 16, 1:34pm
Well you could just lightly cook the ctoarrs, or not cook them at all, and just blend. It will be a bit chunkier but your ctoarrs will be fresher and retain more? vitamins. If you do raw, I recommend cutting down on the onion unless you really like raw onion!

guest, Dec 17, 9:56am
You got to push it-this eseatnisl info that is!

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