Using up left over Fruit Cake

stells3, Dec 28, 2:05am
I remember seeing a recipe years ago that used up old fruit / Christmas cake.Does anyone have a recipe they could share with me so that the cake does not go to waste.I think the cake was turned into a steamed pudding, but not totally sure.TIA

geldof, Dec 28, 2:10am

fly cemetery

Just steam it and serve with custard or cream.

Toast it and serve with blue cheese

kiwibubbles, Dec 28, 3:00am
just make your cake last for a few months - not that hard lol
GOrdon Ramsay also has a souffle recipe that used christmas pudding but i'm sure it could be used with christmas cake too

roseann48, Dec 28, 3:06am
Slice into microwave proof bowl. Sprinkle each layerwith a little golden syrup & fruit juice. Cover & microwave to heat thru. Serve with cream, custard or icecream. Yum

roseann48, Dec 28, 3:16am
Steamed Pudding. 2 cupsfruit cake crumbs - 2 dstspns golden syrup - 2 dstspns butter - 2 tblspns milk -2 tspns baking powder. Melt butter & syrup. Sprinkle baking powder over crumbs &add milk. Stir in butter mixture. Mix well & steam in a greased basin for 1 & 1/2 hours.

roseann48, Dec 28, 3:23am
Fruit Balls. 90 grms butter - 125 grms sugar - 1 tblspn cocoa - 1 beaten egg - 2 tspns vanilla - 1 tblspn fruit juice - 250 grms cake crumbs - 1/2 cup coconut. Boil butter, sugar & cocoa together. Add egg, vanilla & fruit juice. Heat until thick. Cool a little.Add cake crumbs & coconut. Mix well & form into balls & roll in coconut. Set in frig.

stells3, Dec 28, 3:40am
I've mixed it up and added 2 large Tbsps sherry, packed it into a bowl and steaming in to an hour.Hopefully it will be okay.

Thanks roseann48.That recipe for steamed pudding you posted sounds similar to the one I was thinking of, but I had already put it into the steamer before I read your post.I'll save the recipe for future reference.

uli, Dec 28, 5:50am
If you keep "feeding" some brandy to your cake it will be fine till Easter. Why not just eat it - rather than "using it up"?

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