Help with blind baking please.

tats63, Mar 2, 3:43am
I am just about to make a bacon and egg pie and want to blind bake the pastry first but not sure how to. I have put the pastry in the pie dish and covered it with baking paper. Do I now put rice on it and bake for 15 mins or so?

margyr, Mar 2, 3:45am
macaroni or rice, will do and yep about 15 mins.

tats63, Mar 2, 3:48am
Thank you. Is the rice throw away after that?

245sam, Mar 2, 3:48am
tats63, what you have done is basically what I do then I add ceramic baking beads but rice or dried beans will suffice. For more thoughts, ideas and info' re blind baking have a look at:- php? f=21&t=875

margyr, Mar 2, 3:48am
no just keep the rice or whatever in a platic bag or container, it can be used over and over.

245sam, Mar 2, 3:49am
tats63, the rice can be re-used for blind-baking again and again but not for rice pudding, etc. :-))

tats63, Mar 2, 3:50am
ok thanks guys :)

crystalmoon, Mar 4, 12:46am
Just make sure the rice cold before storing away for next time.

nattles88, Mar 10, 5:13am
haha i was just searching the board to find out how to blind bake myself, my rice keeps on sticking to the pastry, maybe i should have put that baking paper down, now ifeel like a wally

obie1, Mar 11, 3:14am
I'll never forget the first time I tried to bake blind, I was in my early teens many many years ago and didn't put the baking paper in. LOL what a mess not to mention a waste of pastry.

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