Pineapple tarts from cake kitchen Wanganui

infinityjrc, Dec 8, 8:19am
Hi would anyone have a recipe similar to Mr Savage's pineapple tarts that they made at the cake kitchen in Wanganui East? They were in a tartlet shell had an inner soft not sweet creamy filling with crushed pineapple and a pineapple icing of wonderful almost crisp texture over the top.They were divine I have never seen anything like them since, would anyone have the recipe for these, would love to try making them......Wonderful bakery I wonder if the business is still running

crystalmoon, Dec 8, 8:32am
bump,hope you get a recipe,they sound lovely.

fee1965, Dec 9, 3:17am
OMG - their strawberry flans are they best!I once flew home to auckland with 3 family sized ones- was allowed to take them in the cabin!!!!So so yummy!

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