Recipe for hamburger batties no egg?

bogoctopus, Nov 28, 3:03am
anyone got one? TIA.

feris04, Nov 28, 3:04am
Pork mince, plus all the usual things you have in yours.

margyr, Nov 28, 3:14am
just squish it all into shape just the meat and squash as flat as you can then cook it. Fry onions and put them on seperate to your patties. Or if you want to put onions in the meat put some tomato sauce as well any liquid really will bind it.

gouber7, Nov 28, 3:17am

dbab, Nov 28, 3:58am
I often add a packet of Maggi Hearty Beef Soup Mix. Don't need to add much else if you are putting onions etc in the burgers.

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