Christmas alchohol?what can i substitue?

scrooges3, Nov 27, 11:51pm
I have found a recipe for a christmas cake that im wantitng to make,however i do not want to add alchohol into my cake so what could i use as a substitute for the 1 Cup of Rum??

Also,with using no alchohol in the cake,how would i store it and how long?

thanks,this is my 1st time making xmas cake,and im going for a tropical fruit n nut rather then the old fashioned style!

uli, Nov 27, 11:59pm
You can buy rum flavoured essences in the baking section of the supermarket - so you ahve the flavour without the alcohol.
And you can keep the cake in the fridge in a plastic bag so it doesn't dry out, but also doesn't go mouldy.
However it may become stale earlier, so bake it a week or so before you want to cut it.

scrooges3, Nov 28, 12:03am
hmm thats a bit of a pain with storing it, i guess using the booze helps it store longer! Im making some to give as gifts so i need to make them now ideally!

i dont actually have booze in the house as i dont drink,what other alcohol could i use apart from rum or brandy?

buzzy110, Nov 28, 12:03am
Not sure exactly when you are using your alcohol but it is just a liquid so you can use any other liquid as a substitute. If you are cooking the alcohol in the cake, then there is no preservative benefit as alcohol doesn't stay alcoholic once heated. The benefit is in the resulting flavour.

Some substitutes may require a slight reduction in sugar as they already do have sugar. Others not so you could use:

Gingerale, lemonade, apple or pear cider, or even beer. There are plenty of fruit juices you could use - orange, apple, cranberry, etc. Try not to use specialty fruit juices with spirulina (obviously).

cgvl, Nov 28, 12:34am
You can use either orange juice or gingerale.

Whisky or brandy are generally what you use in xmas cakes.

But it isn't actually needed unless you want to keep them for months.


cgvl, Nov 28, 12:36am
dont store a fruit cake in the fridge it WILL dry out.
I know from experience, I ruined my wedding cake that way, was furious with myself and cake became too dry to eat ended up using it like xmas puddings with custard.

kiwibubbles, Nov 28, 12:40am
ehhhh don't put cake in fridge, and don't put it in a plastic bag either- the plastic will make the cake sweat - yuk. Any reason you don't want to use alcohol? i'm just asking because usually the alchol evaporates during cooking. do you have a good quality air tight tin? i would assume you can put it away like a normal fruit cake - wrap it in baking paper, then foil and pop it in a tin in a cool dark place and I'm sure it will be fine.

scrooges3, Nov 28, 12:45am
l really just dislike the alcohol flavour!

timetable, Nov 28, 12:47am
i always soak my fruit for a couple of days in gingerale... moist, lovely and rich - don't miss the booze one little in my cake tin wrapped in greaseproof paper and newspaper....make it weeks out always lovely, lasts for ever!!

grandma, Nov 28, 1:56am
I bake Alison Holst's Pineapple Christmas Cake - you bring the fruit and tin of crushed pineapple to the boil and leave it to cool overnight before mixing the cake - always comes out nice and moist.

kiwibubbles, Nov 28, 1:57am
gingle ale sounds like a really good alternative

wildflower, Nov 28, 2:32am
Ginger ale would be great.I'm trying pineapple this year so maybe gingerale next year.

nik12, Nov 28, 8:22am
Our family doesn't put booze in our christmas cakes (much rather just drink it lol), I've still had cakes that lastest for months.I keep in a big tupperware type container.
Those were the years, drat the kids for deciding they do actually like more than the icing!

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